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A Comparative Market Analysis is an informal assessment of a property's market value, usually done to establish a reasonable listing price when a property is placed for sale. The price is established by comparing the property to similar properties that are currently listed or have sold in the area within the last six months. The analysis is done by a real estate agent, a  RealtorŪ, who has easy access to area sales records.  Contact Us.

A real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors and is bound by the ethical requirements of the association.  A RealtorŪ is also a member of and bound by the ethical standards of their local and State associations.




A properly prepared Comparative Market Analysis can be a useful tool for buyers, sellers, and home owners.  Buyers can use a CMA to determine an offer price, sellers can use a CMA to determine a list price, and home owners can use a CMA to help dispute tax assessments.  

  The process
Some websites generate a Home Values Assessment instantly followed by the promise of a refined CMA from a local expert within a few days.  The problem with these instantly generated assessments is that they haven't been completed by a local expert, they have been completed instantly by a computer and are very inaccurate.  The inaccuracy leaning toward an unrealistic value of a home.  This is done to generate additional interest in the CMA to be completed by the "local expert."

At eComparative-Market-Analysis.com we don't play games.  You request a CMA, and you'll receive one completed by a local expert, a Realtor.  The CMA can either be forwarded by email or delivered in person.

If a CMA can not be completed because of a lack of recent comparable sales or any other reason we'll tell you.

If you can't find the name of your city, town, or village on the appropriate city drop-down menu, please write the name in the comments box.

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